In a city notorious for the social isolation reported by its residents, the annual Eastside Culture Crawl may be the best way of getting Vancouverites out of residential bubbles to mix within artists’ spaces open only at this time of year. When we did the Crawl on Sunday, we had the pleasure of dropping in on the studios of sculptor Suzy Birstein and many other artists and craftspeople.

My phone kindly snapped about 200 accidental pictures. “Jeez, there it goes again, more stuff to delete,” I thought, until I realized that it was getting spontaneous soft-focus streetscape and market effects on its own better than I could myself by manipulating some setting deliberately. By the way, the fabrics in the photo are from Suzy Baker Design, where I snapped up a gorgeous kilim, about 100 years old, featuring a lime-olive green color that I haven’t seen in more modern factory-made ones. You can visit the shop year-round at #450, 1000 Parker Street.