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Never in my life have I had a teacher so dedicated to nurturing my growth in both the academic and the personal sense as Naomi has been. My successes in university-level English would not have been possible without her help and support. The time that we spent together improved my skills to a level that I would never have dreamt possible. Naomi also provided me with extremely valuable support on my medical school applications and preparing for interviews. I honestly don’t know where I would be now without having had the benefit of her help. I value the discussions we’ve had on various topics throughout our time together and feel lucky to have had the advantage of her wisdom and thoughts. Despite her not having a background in medicine, her conversations with me about healthcare and medical practice have provided me with common sense and perspective that I will take with me to medical school and onwards throughout my life as a physician.

– Naman Siddique, University of Calgary, M.D. class of 2020

Naomi has helped me tremendously throughout our lessons together. I have been learning writing style, grammar, reading comprehension, etc. since December 2014. Naomi is a wonderful teacher with a great sense of humour. Instead of editing my work alone, she guides me to reconstruct awkward sentences myself. My writing has improved a lot throughout the years, and I am very grateful for her help. She is very knowledgeable and can make essays flow much better just with simple changes to structure and phrasing. Thank you so much!

– Angela Zhang, student

Yi Lin and Henry love attending your writing classes and continue to learn from you.

– James Shi, parent

You are the teacher Gary and I respect the most. I’m here to say “Thank you” for being such a help to Gary over such a long period. You have taught him a lot of knowledge.

– Lily Zhao, parent

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